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Infant Care (6 weeks - 18 months)**
Our teachers will provide your infant with all the comforts of home. We will follow your home schedule to keep your child's day consistent. We will be sure to include as much 1-to-1 attention as possible. Your child's day will include tummy time, socialization, language development through reading, singing and intoductory signing. We will also foster development of fine motor skills and gross motor skills by offering age appropriate play experiences. Older mobile infants will be introduced to skills they will need as toddlers, to help prepare them for their transitions. 
We will also offer exciting outdoor play area just  for infants!  
We know your infant will really enjoy their day! 
Imagination Station Children's Center Services
At Imagination Station Children's Center, we provide quality care across all ages groups, making sure each child's individual needs are met. Our staff is courteous and well educated in the field of early education.
Take at look at what we have to offer:
Toddlers (18 months- 36 months)**
We will provide your toddler with a loving and safe environment to explore. We will offer a structured schedule with blocks of time for learning in different areas; science exploration, pre-math skills, language development, fine motor activities and gross motor activities. Your child's day will also include socialization with peers and teachers, and time to explore outside! Toddlers will have scheduled outdoor play time on our state of the art play system. Your toddler will thrive in our fun learning environment!
Pre-School (3-6 years)**
Our preschool program will be seperated into 2 classrooms; a 3 year old program and a 4-6 year old program. This will help to ensure your child is learning an age appropriate curriculum suited to your child's needs. Our preschoolers will begin preparation for kindergarten starting as early as our 3 year old program. They will begin an introduction to writing, developing proper grip, working on their names, and gradually building towards the alphabet. Your preschooler will be working on number and letter recognition, as well as basic math and science skills such as sorting, classifying, and observation skills. Your preschooler's day will also include time outside on our state of the art play system! by the end of their days at Imagination Station, they will be well prepared to handle Kindergarten and everything else that lies ahead. We will provide a great foundation and love of learning!!!! 
**Please call for additional program information and pricing and schedule a visit!!**

​** Before and After School Programs are also available**

Our excellent staff will be more than happy to help answer any questions or concerns you might have.